No bunker? No problem. We have professional-grade protection for your electronics and data. Stay safe against EMP events of all types, including EMP weapons, solar flares, coronal-mass ejections, lightning strikes, and more.

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The EMP Threat

The looming threat of a large-scale EMP event remains one of the deadliest vulnerabilities of our time.

Even without a malicious attack by a rogue nation, natural phenomena in our own solar system can cause untold damage. It's happened before.

Fortunately, protection is simple, using well-known techniques. Unfortunately, almost no one is prepared.

Now, EMP Survival Systems is bringing robust professional-grade EMP protection products to market. As citizens and patriots, we aim to be prepared.

Prepare with us.

Get Prepared

Our EMP protection products are meticulously designed for form and function.

This initial product offering consists of EMP-safe boxes for electronics, gear, and data storage devices. Boxes are available in both large and small sizes to fit your needs.

Check out our featured products below.

Feature Overview

Faraday Cage Protection

Our boxes provide full Faraday cage protection of your electronics from the damage of EMP, from any Coronal Mass Ejection event, or from lightning striking the building or vehicle where the equipment is deployed.

Patented Lid Design

Each EMP box we produce features our specially designed, patented lip-and-lid closure. This design prevents any radiation leakage into the box, even when the lid is not snapped shut.

Custom Lining

Our EMP boxes are lined with a custom material designed to mitigate electrical current and protect the box contents. The box liner is able to withstand 1,000 volt shocks. Additionally, it helps prevent scratches and bump damage to your sensitive electronics.

EMP Protection - Standard Box



Our Standard box was designed to protect 15" and 13" laptops, easily secured while in its bag; room for the charging cable as well. Also the appropriate size for offering full protection for all sizes of tablets, external hard drives, GPS gear, satellite phones, digital cameras or night vision devices. Easy to carry while secured.

Tech Specs

Length17.2 inches
Width4.2 inches
Height12.0 inches
Opening16.2 x 3.2 inches

EMP Protection - Large Box



Our Large box was designed to provide protection for two 17" or 15" laptops, or equipment that should have EMP/CME/lightning protection such as Geiger counters, walkie-talkie sets with their chargers and cables, small RAID storage devices, or larger digital detection devices. While protected your equipment is fully portable.

Tech Specs

Length18.8 inches
Width6.3 inches
Height14.0 inches
Opening17.6 x 5.0 inches

Who We Are

A couple of professionals, patriots, with decades of experience in the field, went looking for consumer-level EMP protection for their equipment and data. We found none.

As a seasoned electrical engineer and a computer forensics veteran, we collaborated on a design to fit our needs. Now, we are making it available to the world.

All our products are designed with care and built in America.



Email us! Be sure to include product (Standard Box or Large Box) and quantity. We'll follow up with you with details on the production timeline and shipping.

General Information

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